Thursday, October 1, 2009

So what did Caviar cost in 1978?

How about $495.00 for a kilogram of Beluga Caviar!?

Earlier this year, we did a little spring cleaning and I happened to stumble upon one of our brochures/price-sheets from 1978! The brochure even had the original red candle wax used to keep the brochure closed.

Back then, my father ran the business under the "AVAR TRADING CO, INC." entity. Amazing to think that the brochure is still in near perfect condition after over 31 years! So what has 31 years done to the price of caviar?

In 1978, 1/2kg. of Russian Sevruga Caviar retailed at $195.00. Today, 1/2 kg. of our Russian Sevruga retails at $1,800.00. That is over 9-times the price in 31 years!