Monday, October 19, 2009

CITES 2009 Caviar Quota & Farmed-Caviar covered in Newsweek

Newsweek did a short article about Caviar CITES quotas for 2009 and the future of farmed-caviar from around the world.

The article describes that For CITES to agree to caviar quotas (to export caviar to countries like the United States), all the producing countries around the Caspian have to meet, and, according to Peter Rebeiz, CEO of Caviar House & Prunier, the Kazakhstan delegate missed the meeting.

Farmed-Caviar is then highlighted as it is quickly becoming a popular alternative to Caspian caviar, which has become increasingly more difficult and expensive to acquire.

BBC News also had a news story about Azerbaijan's illegal caviar black market and their recent efforts to educate the public about the dangers and penalties associated with poaching and selling illegal caviar, including Beluga.

The director of the Social Ecological Agency in Azerbaijan, Elchin Sardarov, says the problem exists "because there are too many small fishermen who are not registered".

Definitely a volatile time for Caviar from the Caspian Sea.