Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Caviar Farm from North Carolina

Atlantic Sturgeon and Caviar Company, located in Happy Valley, North Carolina, will be producing fresh caviar from their farms after 8 years in production.

A detailed article about the farm and the Sturgeon can be found by clicking here.

The farm will be producing three varieties of caviar: Atlantic, Russian and Siberian sturgeon. They hope to have caviar available on the market by Christmas of this year (2012). Estimated production is 2 tons of caviar per year alongside 100,000 pounds of sturgeon meat.

Atlantic Sturgeon and Caviar Company is the 5th caviar farm of its kind in the United States, and the first domestic company to farm raise Ossetra Sturgeon.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Storing Caviar in a Household Refrigerator

Questions often arise as to how to store caviar in household refrigerators once customers receive their package.

At Caviar Express, we store most of our caviar varieties at around 26 degrees (F), as this is the ideal temperature just above freezing. As a result of the salinity levels and natural oils found in caviar, the freezing point of caviar is lower than that of water, 32 degrees (F).

However, most household refrigerators cannot usually dip below 34-36 degrees (F). Although the caviar will not be dramatically harmed at these temperatures, to insure that the caviar is stored at the most optimal temperatures, we suggest placing an ice pack, or a tightly sealed bag of ice gently on top of the caviar tin when storing within the refrigerator.

Monitor and replace the ice pack from time-to-time as it begins to slowly thaw out. Be sure to not place an ice pack that is overly heavy upon the caviar lid as this will press down upon the roe inside and cause the caviar eggs to burst. In the alternative, you can place the ice packs tightly along the side of the caviar tin.

Using this process will lower the holding point of the caviar to temperatures approaching our 26 degree (F) ideal storage temperature. Such a method will insure that the caviar remains fresh from 2 to 3 weeks time.

But in the end, it is always best to enjoy your caviar as soon as possible, as the ideal way to store caviar is in the mouths and stomachs of those lucky enough to indulge.